So much more than running.

We Run Trail came about from my love of running off road. I can feel like an explorer right on my doorstep, that I can lose myself in the hills and come back a different person and the fact that I can see how great all of this was for me and other runners in terms of positive mental health, connecting with nature, fitness, adventure and friendship.

All those amazing people with all those amazing experiences in one place.

We Run Trail is a community where runners of any age or ability can find the other runners, coaches, guides, shops, holidays and clubs who make up the wonderful world of running off road. A place where we can bring it all together so that when we are stuck indoors, or at work we are only a click away from breathing in the adventure, fun and freedom that is running off road. 

Trail running is for all.

We Run Trail is for everyone regardless of how far we go, how often or where we run offroad, whether we go with others, on our own or if we run around the puddles or splash right through them!

The great outdoors is our playground.

What connects our community is that feeling of fresh air in our lungs, the warmth of the sun on our back, how our eyes widen as we take in the view, the vibrant green of the trees in spring and that chill when the weather has the last laugh.

So whether you are a running beginner, seasoned trail fan or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, hop, skip and jump right on in and make We Run Trail your own.

Jude Palmer