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Topics could include:
I love trail running
Your chance to tell the running community about why you love trail so much
Word count: 600
I am a trail expert
If you're an experienced coach, guide, shop owner, holiday provider or club and have a unique, relevant and interesting idea or news, let us know. This is a great way to promote you. Do you know someone who isn't listed yet. Give them a nudge.
Word count: 1000 to 1200.
I have a dream
Does something in the world of trail running need fixing or improving? Have you got an idea what should be done. Let us know about it. 
World count: 600
Where in the world
Are you familiar with a particular part of the country or the world that offers fantastic trail running opportunities? Would you like to share that with other runners? 
Word count: 1000
Inspirational trail tales 
If you think the community will like it and you can write it, let us know. 
Word count: 1000 to 1200
Event reports
This is the place to tell us about your favourite trail event and why the rest of us should consider doing it. 
Word count: 300 to 1000
Trail Chatter
If you need to have a rant, have got some sage advice to share or have got a top tip, consider putting it into a guest blog post. 
Word count: 400 to 600
Submission and content guidelines
Formats for submissions
Please send articles in Word format as an email attachment to info@weruntrail.com. Any images should be sent as separate files rather than embedded in the document. Please include a photo of yourself no bigger than 2MB along with a few short sentences about who you are and what you do.
Permissions and copyright
Please ensure you have permission for us to print any images you send and include any credit information we need to add to images.
All queries and submissions should be sent to info@weruntrail.com.