We all know that feeling when we are in love with running. We can’t wait to get through our daily routines to put on our trainers and hop, skip and jump out of the door onto the trails. Every run is a joy, we are focused and we are alive.

Then suddenly, just as if we have lost our favourite run top, we lose our run mojo. It is as if our previously elastic legs are encased in concrete and we become expert at excusing away our lack of running.

Something that we are all familiar with, especially during the winter as the nights draw in, rain hurls itself against the winter and the Christmas chocolates are already out. So if you are in need of a little run’spiration - why not try some of the following ....

 - Inspire someone else - take them running with you, show them a new route, enthuse them over a cuppa or a beer. Giving back to the sport you enjoy is enormously rewarding and can remind you why you do it.

 - Run for adventure, exploring rather than because you ‘have’ to. The day running becomes a task is the day enthusiasm starts to wane. Go run in a new area, find something on a map and go look for it or play the ‘ooo let’s go that way’ game. Nothing like something new to get your brain and legs whirring.

 - Reverse your route. Simple and ridiculously effective.

 - Treat yourself to a new bit of running kit and take it for a run. Whether it is a brand spanking new pair of trainers or a bobble hat from the charity shop, it can give you a spring in your step. It’s kit after all!

 - Join a running group/club. Nothing like some friendly banter and maybe a bit of challenge to break you out of your run hum drum.

 - Follow runners on social media and see what daft things they are up to. Take a look at our Share page for ideas 

 - Got the fancy watch? Download a GPX route from Strava and follow it.

- Treat yourself to a run at a different time of day. Sunrise and sunset are particularly special.

 - Book a coaching session - winter is a great time to work on your running technique, getting stronger and planning your year ahead. Let us coaches enthuse and motivate you. Click here to find a coach near you

 - Sign up for an event. You know that one that slightly scares you or loads of your mates are doing.

 And finally...

 - Take a break. Relax, do something different. Wave goodbye to the culture of the more miles the better. Absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, time off running gives our amazing bodies time to recover and grow stronger.

Remember, it is the quality of experience rather than the quantity of miles which matters

Jude Palmer is a Trail / Fell Running Coach, based in the south -east of the UK. Find her here. @runsurreyhills