Who are the trail experts?

Coaches, guides, clubs, groups, holidays and shops are full of trail know how and they love sharing it with others

Trail experts are people who can show you the best trails, motivate and inspire you, teach you new tricks or simply share their experience with you. Those people who have specific skills or qualifications, knowledge and enthusiasm for running off road.  

Lone rangers, group runners, volunteers or privately paid - they are not short on trail know how.

Read on to find a trail expert to suit you.

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Trail Running Coaches enjoy inspiring and supporting others to reach their running goals whether people are absolute beginners or representing their country. Coaches provide the specifics such as technique, nutrition, training approach, injury prevention as well as the essentials, such as motivation, structure, challenge, variation and psychological support. It can be as simple as having someone to get you out of the door and run. With personalised coaching, you are more likely to improve your running quicker than without it and you benefit from greater physical and mental well being too. A great coach is not only someone who has the technical skills but also someone who has great people skills.

Running coaches can coach in person or provide support on-line, in clubs or independently and many often have other skills, for example, personal training or event specific skills they can share with you. 

Top tip: Look out for people who are experienced off-road runners, have qualifications from recognised governing bodies, hold valid insurance and first aid and most importantly look like someone who you can get on with. 

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Trail running and discovering new areas go hand in hand and following a running Guide or Leader, someone with expert knowledge of the local trails can be a great way to do this whether you want to run on your own or with a running group. 

A Trail Running Guide or Leader can introduce you to new areas where you live, help you reconnoitre for specific events and a running tour is a brilliant way of gaining confidence to explore new routes on holiday. And of course, specially trained guides can support runners with visual impairments.

Running Guides and Leaders can be found within running clubs and groups and operating independently all around the world. So why not relax, let someone else take the strain of route finding so all you have to do is focus on your running and search for a guide or leader near you.

Top tip: Look out for Guides / Leaders with the qualifications, experience appropriate for the area they are guiding in.

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Whether you are a seasoned off road runner or new to the sport, knowing what the best trail shoes for you are, the latest on running watches or even what socks to wear to prevent blisters is important. Whilst there are many places we can buy all these things, talking to someone with specialist off road running knowledge, ie. they actually run trail, can make all the difference. Running shops who know about off road running gear are a fantastic place not only to fulfil your trail shoe dreams but many offer extras such as guided runs, expert talks and gait analysis which can take your running to a whole new level. 

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Running with a group or club brings all sort of advantages in terms of motivation, a sense of community, confidence, improved running and not forgetting the fun of being around like minded individuals. And whether you are searching for speed demons, women only, beginners, running with dogs, orienteering, swimrun or simply a social group to go and share an adventure with, free or paid membership - the choices are endless -  there is a trail running club or group for everyone. Search here to find one near you. 

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If you have well and truly got the trail running bug, then why not treat yourself to a trail running holiday or a training camp. A great way to experience new trails in awesome parts of the world, meet like minded runners and add to your running adventures.

Trail running holidays allow you to immerse yourself in stunning landscapes safe in the knowledge that someone else is in charge of finding the way and working out where the next stop for tea and cake is. 

If you are really keen, how about a training camp where you can spend time focusing on your marathon training or running technique and get support from running coaches. 

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Friends of Trail are all those people who understand our need to get back out running trail and can help get us there. Physiotherapists, sports massagers, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, osteopaths etc. who in their own right have the expertise to help soothe our aching limbs, make us stronger or fix our injuries and have a passion for running off road themselves. 

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